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Mythic North and the mythical places of Finnmark, available on CD as well as digital downloads from multiple sources, including iTunes and Storytel.

From Wikipedia: Finnmark [ˈfɪnmɑrk] (Northern Sami: Finnmárku, Finnish: Ruija) is a county in the extreme northeastern part of Norway. Situated at the northernmost part of continental Europe, where the Norwegian coastline swings eastward, Finnmark has always been an area where East meets West, in culture as well as in nature and geography.

The Norwegian author, June Sommer Strask, researched the myths from the 19 municipalities in Finnmark. She tells and reads mythical adventures available in both the Norwegian and the English language, using her own unique and soothing voice as the storyteller.

June Sommer Strask has been collaborating with the sámi composer and musician Roy Alexander Lind. The sounds have been lifted from the nature where the mythical stories takes place, and the music is enriched with all the heritage known from Finnmark.

Each story takes you away from the everyday chaos and transports you to far away places, yet familiar to your subconsciousness.

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